“Cutting edge technology, quality engineering, innovation, and continuous research and development”

M-Rock Stone Manufacturing is a pioneer in the stone industry. M-Rock is striving to set a new standard in stone with innovation, advancements in engineering, and a rebirth of customer service. Pulling from the natural beauty of the American landscape M-Rock creates products that are multifunctional and aesthetically superior. M-Rock is proudly manufactured in the USA and can be purchased nationwide. We offer products for everyone from the weekend warrior to the commercial developer.

Our doors are open to all who want to rock their worlds!

Traditional Stone Veneer

stoneInstalls with mortar. M-Rock’s Traditional Stone has always been a favorite. The stone veneer uses mortar to adhere to the substrate and requires a stone mason or high skill set to install. M-Rock currently manufactures 18 styles of traditional stone. Learn More

P-Series Stone Veneer

P-series-panel Installs with screws. MSI, (Mortarless Stone Innovations) is a Panelized Stone System that installs with screws instead of mortar, saving you 90% on installation costs. “Stack and Fasten” technology utilizes a patented rail system that locks the stones together as you install. Learn More

I-Series Stone Veneer

i-series-stone Installs with screws. Individual Stone Technology. Easy and lightweight, these stones are sure to be a favorite among the Do-It-Yourselfers. No mortar means no mess and a no set time. Great for projects that you can do in a day. Learn More

M-Brick Veneer

M-Brick-front Installs with screws. Engineered to install quickly and easily with no need for brick foundations or steel lintel supports. It’s low profile design finishes to any window, or trim, it has a built in air and weep space. M-Brick is the most versatile, best engineered brick on the market and has been designed to outperform traditional brick in almost every aspect. Learn More

This product was PERFECT for us! We are building a new log home and we got the M-Rock Meridian Ledge stone product to go around the foundation. We were attracted to this product by its natural look and ease of installation! The paneled system was so easy to figure out and required no special tools to install. We called M-Rock when we were trying to decide which stone was right for us and the staff was very helpful in telling us how much stone we needed to order and which one would best suit our taste! Five stars to M-Rock!!! Pros High quality, Durable, affordable. I would recommend this to a friend
Court65498, Beginner
Wonderful product! We used M Rock for a project on the inside of our home and were thrilled with it; therefore, we decided to use M Rock on the exterior of our home as well. We fell in love with their mortar-less stone products – MSI. We went with the gray dry stack in the mortar-less. The stone was a panelized system that went up with screws, it was extremely easy to put up and looked wonderful. It really added character and complimented our home. Would definitely recommend this stone to anyone! Pros High quality, Durable. I would recommend this to a friend
stoneshopper, Intermediate
Finally getting to interior work after many delays…! house is looking great…this custom made self designed house is awesome…m rock totally makes it with rock outside and inside accent walls and custom wood stove “pit”. Thank you so much for sending Tristan out for day with me!! Fantastic…great guy..great up front person for you and your company. Everything went great…I feel totally competent now with the material. I LOVE the product… looks fantastic! Love the color texture ..everything… will be ordering more…
Frank Taylor, Intermediate
Everyone who has seen it thinks its ‘real” ..highest compliment I think…I am sure I must be your biggest “fan”…i love the stuff..love working with it… it totally made my house!!! stunning. thanks, Frank
Frank Taylor, Intermediate