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Our New I-Series | Independent Stone with MSI Technology
  • before1
    Before adding the focal point enhancement.
  • after1
    After applying I-Series McKinley Brown Ledge Stone
  • zion-before
    Before adding Zion I-Series
  • zion-after
    After adding Zion I-Series
  • before3
    Before the upgrade
  • after3
    After applying I-Series Zion Grey Ledge Stone behind the stove and backsplash

I-Series is a stackable stone with a built in clip system and stone locking channel. The size of the stones have been designed to make each stone work together mathematically to insure easy fast installation. Simply stack each stone on top of each other and screw them to almost any substrate. You can also staple, drywall anchor, mastic, or construction adhesive them to the wall as well.

The variant in size and color give this stone natural look and feel. Quick and easy to install and will last for years to come. I-Series Stone requires no mortar or grout making cleanup virtually non-existant.

Perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer, you can dress up a fireplace, kitchen backsplash, accent wall or bathroom in one day or less.These stones are made from portland cement, aggregate, pigment and an add mixture giving it a natural feel and texture which is fire retardant and can withstand years of harsh conditions when applied to exteriors.

When used as an exterior wall, the stone can be easily cleaned with a power washer set on gentle spray so as to not damage the stone.

All of M-Rock's Stones and Brick veneers carry a 40 year warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee.