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Simply goes up, stays up, and performs.

Perfect for the Do-It-Yourself-er, you can dress up a fireplace, kitchen back-splash, accent wall or bathroom in one day or less.  With the built-in Air and Weep System there are no freeze thaw issues to worry about with I-Series. Structural movement is no issue because every stone is isolated on the rail system.  This allows the stone to move on any substrate effectively dealing with issues that other stones cannot. In other words, less cracking and breakage. Strong, durable, and lasts a lifetime.

2 Piece Corner System:
I-Series Corners work as a 2-piece system allowing for structural movement without compromising the integrity of the stone. Corner Stones always butt up to a Flat Stone.

cornerExample: Two 1.5 inch Corner Stones can butt up to a 3 inch Flat Stone. Next row you lay would be opposite.

I-Series corner stones are designed to work seamlessly with our I-Series flat stones. Each corner stone is designed to lay tightly on top of the stone below eliminating gaps you would see if trying to use flat stones for corners. Corner stones may also be used as flat stones however, if need be.

Estimate the cost using your own square and linear footage: [wpmc id=”28″]

Independent Stone with MSI Technology

 Just Stack and Fasten Using the Built-in Clips



I-SeriesI-Series is a stackable stone with a built in clip system and stone locking channel. The size of the stones have been designed to make each stone work together mathematically to insure easy fast installation. Simply stack each stone on top of each other and screw them to almost any substrate. You can also staple, drywall anchor, mastic, or construction adhesive them to the wall as well.

Cutting is easy.  Just use a diamond tip masonry blade available at most building supply stores.

Why Choose I-Series

I-Series Stone requires no mortar or grout making cleanup virtually non-existent. Attaches to almost any substrate and requires no footings, angle iron or support system.
Our products are built to last a lifetime and perform in any environment.  M-Rock’s stones are heavy like a stone should be because we use quality durable materials to build our stone. These stones are made from Portland cement, aggregate, pigment and an add mixture giving it a natural feel and texture which is fire retardant and can withstand years of harsh conditions when applied to exteriors.
Stones range in size: 6 x 1.5, 6 x 3, 8 x 1.5, 8 x 3,  10 x 1.5, 10 x 3, 12 x 1.5, 12 x 3 inches with a depth of approx. 1.5 inches
All of M-Rock’s Stones and Brick veneers carry a 40 year warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee.

I-Series is

  • Easy to handle
  • Natural look of stone
  • Great for interior & exterior
  • Finishes to any trim

Attaches with either

  • Drywall Screws /Anchors
  • Exterior Grade Screws
  • Commercial Adhesive
  • Staples