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Engineered to Outperform Standard Brick

M-Brick comes in both flats and corners. M-Brick-front

Built on a rail system that creates a perfect bond line (horizontal and vertical spacing), M-Brick makes installation fast and easy. You simply slide the top brick centered over the lower 2 bricks and fasten using a single screw in the middle of the top rail as you go across your wall.M-Brick-Corner2

Estimate the cost using your own square and linear footage:
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Transform any home into a brick home

M-Rock has done it again with the creation of M-Brick. The beauty and durability of brick done the M-Rock way. Engineered to install quickly and easily with no need for brick foundations or steel lintel supports. It’s low profile design finishes to any window, or trim, it has a built in air and weep space.  Finishes perfectly with M-Rock’s engineered M-Grout. M-Brick is the most versatile, best engineered brick on the market and has been designed to outperform traditional brick in almost every aspect.

 Stack and Fasten Using the Built-in Rail System

Simple to understand. Simple to install. Easy to finish. And the beautiful look and feel of brick. 

Why M-Brick over regular brick?

  • Saves money in installation and concrete preparation that is required for a traditional brick product.
  • Thin and super strong making it easy to handle and install.
  • Installs on almost any substrate and in any weather.
  • No footings, angle iron or support system required.
  • Air weep space built in.
  • No skilled mason required.
  • Beautifully finishes to any trim.
  • For interior and exterior applications.


Finish your project with M-Rock’s M-GROUT. Engineered for :

  • Flexibility, allowing for movement of your wall without cracking.
  • Durability, to withstand years of harsh environments.
  • Workability, to flow smoothly, for easy application.

M-Brick requires approx. 2 pounds of M-Grout per sq. ft. on flats and 2.25 pounds per ln. ft. on corners