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IMG_1853Corners are a
2-Piece System

Each corner set consists of a long and a short end that work together like locking fingers. Alternate the long and short ends as you work your way up the wall.

The engineering of this 2 Piece Corner System allows for movement of the primary structure without compromising the integrity of the stone. This reduces cracking at the corners.

Corner Dimensions: Long side 12”-20”, short side 6”-10” and approximately 2” to 2 ½” in thickness.


starter-strip-end  pic-2

P-Series starts with the Starter Strip which when installed first on a level horizontal line, locks the bottom of the first row of stone in.  Sold in packs of 5 pieces measuring 40″ long for a total of 16.66 linear feet.

Other P-Series Products

P-Series Stack and Fasten Panels are also used for our Post and Column Surrounds in matching colors and styles.

Trims and accessories complete this stone system to give you a professionally finished look every time.

It’s Not Just A Stone, It’s a Stone System


The natural beauty and elegance of stone is undeniable. Now you can get it without the hassle of a traditional masonry installation. P-Series, the latest innovation from M-Rock, is a panelized stone veneer system that installs with screws instead of mortar, saving you 90% on installation costs.

Designed to be the most realistic stone on the market today, MSI (Mortarless Stone Innovations) has set the new standard for excellence in manufactured stone. P-Series “Stack and Fasten” technology utilizes a patented rail system that allows the stone to lock as you install, with advancements in the design to allow for inside and outside corners.

Innovation, engineering, ease of installation, and superior customer service are a few of the reasons why you should choose M-Rock products.


Engineered to be quick and easy to install and constructed for durability, P-Series is a great choice for consumers and contractors. The do-it-yourself homeowner will embrace the ease of installation, while contractors are satisfied with the rich look of stone, as well as this simple method of application.

Engineered to be cut with either a tile saw or circular saw with a masonry blade.

Dimensions: Each panel is 5″ x 20″ and approximately 2″ to 2-1/2″ in thickness.

  • Installs with screws on any substrate and in any weather.
  • Built-in rail system.
  • No footings, angle iron or support system required.
  • No skilled mason required.
  • Trim systems available that complete projects.
  • Built-in air and weep system designed to eliminate water and cracking problems inherent in traditional stone installation.
  • Commercial and Residential / Interior and Exterior .
  • 40 Year Warranty

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