Column and Post Solutions

Take an ordinary post and turn it into…a beautiful stone column

An easy way to create a beautiful stone column. We elegantly combine elements of the MSI P-Series ledge and dry stack stone to create a seamless profile that will accent any home decor. Post and Column Surrounds are engineered to be installed right out of the box in just a few simple steps.

The stones are labeled A, B, C, and D and fit together like puzzle pieces. On each row, stone A will always be your starting stone and stone D will always be your finishing stone. Simply attach stone A to your post then connect stone B and stone C to each side of the post, followed by stone D with only one screw each. Stone D will always mirror stone A on the post. Stack and repeat each additional row making sure that you rotate your starting stone A with each new row. Attach a Pyramid Post Cap to the top or use our custom designed Post Trims to finish off your project.

*Please note, 6×6 post surrounds are intended for a post measuring approximately 6”x6” (Posts larger than this will be too large for the post surround product to wrap around the post accurately).

*Please note, 16×16 column surrounds are intended for a column measuring approximately 15.5”x15.5” (columns larger than this may be too large for the column surround product to wrap around the column accurately)

M-ROCK’S Pyramid Post Cap is designed with a 2” overhang to conceal the top of your last row of stone. Its Pyramid design is for both look and functionality!  Measures 13.75” x 13.75” x 3.5” to the peak. Available in Brown and Gray. Designed for the 6”x 6” post surround system.

M-ROCK’S Post Trim Rings are designed specifically for our  6”x 6” Post Surrounds and allows your post to continue up.  2 piece set. Available in Brown and Gray.

  • Meridian Ledge Stone Post Surround
  • Meridian Ledge Stone Post Surround
  • Meridian Ledge Stone Post Surround

trim-rings      column-cap

As Easy as One, Two, Three   |   Download Instructions Buy Now

Designed to Fit Together

There are 4 different shaped stones. Each stone is designed to match up on the corners with 2 other stones.

Meridian Ledge Stone Post Surround


1.) First Layer

Lock stone A onto the starter strip followed by stone B, stone C, and end with stone D directly across from stone A.


2.) Building it Up

Rotate 1/4 turn and repeat by stacking the next row directly on top of the first row and continue with each additional row.

3.) Finishing it Off

Our 6″ x 6″ Post Surrounds can be finished off with either our Column  Trim or our Column Cap.


 Available in:

  • Aspen Ledge
  • Meridian Ledge
  • Charleston Ledge
  • Huntington Ledge
  • Reveal Dry Stack
  • Horizon Dry Stack
  • Giles Dry Stack

6″ x 6″ Post Surround covers 25″ on all sides. 6″ x 6″ is an inside measurement, not the finished exterior.

  • 6×6 Post Surround 20 pieces per box and covers 2 LF.
  • Dimensions: Each section is 5″ in height, 11 1/2″ length, approx. 3″ thick

16″ x 16″ Column Surround covers 10″ vertically

  • 16×16 Post Surround 8 pieces per box and covers .83 LF.
  • Can be capped out using 24×24 Hearth Stone.
  • Dimensions: Each section is 5” in height, 22” in length, and approx. 3” thick.